Monday, August 18, 2014

Crack That Code!

With school quickly approaching for me, I decided to take a day away from my classroom and work on some activities for the beginning of school. I am very lucky to be in 3rd grade this year! You see, last year I taught 2nd grade and know many of my students already. 

The one thing I always enjoyed last year was the great sense of humor the 2nd graders had. I know at the end of the year we practiced how to add  & subtract to 1,000. ( CCSS 2.NBT.B.7) So in the beginning of this year I found some jokes via Pinterest and got to work making a "Crack That Code" worksheet. This is a great way in 3rd grade to see who has been practicing over the summer. In 3rd grade we will be working with 3 digit addition and subtraction so this is a great pre-assessment. ( 3.NBT.A.2) Last year we did have fun with these so I know that they will enjoy the jokes in this one. 

I have downloaded this into TPT and would love for your class to enjoy this free activity as well. Please make sure to hit follow my page on TPT and my blog for new activities. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Miss Stetson


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