Monday, August 18, 2014

Vinyl in the Classroom


The countdown has officially begun. I am now in a mad rush to finish many little's before the school year begins. I need to label folders, clean my piles, make copies, and look over what I will be doing in the near future in my curriculum. Today, I decided to not go to my room and do what I enjoy most, yet rarely make time to do. That is to make something with my Cricut. 

I have owned my machine for 6 years now. When I received it as a gift from my family I thought I would use it more often in my classroom.  Little things like this is calming and almost therapeutic. So, with stress rising to the quickly approaching school year, I need some relaxing moments. 

I made 2 things that will help my students and myself be a little more organized. This took me about an hour to complete. Took me about an hour to clean up the mess I made in my office. Beau the Golden wanted to help. 

The font used for both projects was a free font I found on TPT. The name of the font is Melonheadz. If you enjoyed the font click on this link ---> Melonheadz Font

Box Top Jar

I had a 6 jar display that I have lost 2 of the jars. This happens when the moving truck monster eats random things. I could never find the other two jars and they have been sitting in my "craft room" for two years. Today I decided I needed a fancy BOX TOP jar. Like most schools we collect box tops. I usually throw them in a bag, loose the bag, and have random box tops laying in my desk. This year I am going to encourage and acknowledge in my newsletter anyone donating BOX TOPS. I am hoping this will encourage parents to send them in. I used gold vinyl because it made me think of money. Box Tops = Money. 

The 2nd project I completed was the 10 drawer unit. I made the letters 2 in tall and they seemed to fit just right. I had a few letters that got deformed while cutting because Beau the Golden was curious. I fixed them, but I still do notice the abnormality. 

This here was my pride and joy project for the day. This is a nice compact way to store supplies. The students do not keep scissors or glue in their desk because we do switch classes for reading and I would run out quicker. This is a great way for the community supplies to be stored away and pulled out when needed I am looking forward to seeing this in my classroom tomorrow. 

Thanks so much, 
Miss Stetson


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