Wednesday, July 8, 2015

End of Year Math Review

End of Year Math Review

As every teacher knows, the end of the school year brings challenges. We are all but standing on our heads to get the last drop of teaching in. We had our end of trimester test and a few things to review. During this trimester we had our PARCC testing. So with kiddos that were tired and just as ready as their teacher to go to the beach we had to get creative.

I sat and created a game that would review all the standards I needed to review with the students before their big test. Of course my color printer and the school color printer were not working and took forever to fix. I laminated, cut, and sorted. It took me a while to prepare this game, but the results were completely worth it.

My kids loved it. I broke them into groups of 4 or 5. I will be ordering game pieces this summer for this reason because they used a piece of paper. ( I had to pack up my room too during this time so of course I got ahead of myself packing).  

Working hard as a group to solve. 

I had them roll a dice. Move their piece. Everyone solved the problem to check the work. No one looses a turn and if someone gets a problem incorrect the person who caught it had to explain the steps to getting it correct.  They had great accountable talk. Total success!!!

I hope it works as well in your room. It does not have to be just for the end of the year. It could be used as just a review anytime. 

Miss Stetson


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