Thursday, May 14, 2015

Where is your classroom?

Where is your classroom?
It is nearing the end of the school year and I noticed the kiddos getting restless in my classroom. It has been getting much warmer after the longest winter. So I decided to bring my classroom outside.
We have been working on multiplying 3 one-digit numbers. The students recorded the problems they would be bringing outside to work on, and boy did they work.
Not one friend asked what to do or avoided the task given. I had the students sit in an area on the playground. They were on the stairs, at the bottom of the slide, in the shade, on the ropes, and under trees. They worked the entire time. I will definitely be using this classroom often from not until the last day of school. The kids asked me to do it again.

I wish we had a few benches or tables for the kids to work on. It would be a great addition to our playground.
Next time the kiddos are restless in your class and it is nice grab a clipboard and head outside to complete work that could have been completed inside at their desk.


Miss Stetson


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