Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Math Rotations

Snow, snow, snow!
I keep seeing on most teacher’s blog, Instagram, and Facebook stuck at home with the snow. I am knee deep in snow myself and no sign of any relief or stopping.

This week is my vacation week and I am snowbound. I tried to drive yesterday to feel like I was ice skating on the road. This Mississippi girl is not caring very much for all of this snow. It was beautiful at first, but enough is enough. I am suffering from cabin fever.

Today I began working on a review for math. PARCC is quickly approaching. My kiddos needed a little review of all the skills that were previously taught throughout the year. I made a different center before vacation and realized that we needed a few reminders of a couple of skills.  I learned last week though how not to make a double sided book. ( Still working on that format) My kiddos were a little confused flipping back and forth through answer book. I did not want to waste paper so they survived my mistake.

This new center includes 7 centers. I did not make these linked to any month or holiday. It does say February, however you can use these centers anytime throughout the year and can be a great way to reinforce skills.

I am 60 days away from our big day. I am so excited and I am now sprinting to the wedding day. I have already had 2 showers in 2 states. My girls did a fantastic job and I cannot wait for our day to arrive. Of course I may change my name but the blog will always remain Miss Stetson’s Classroom in honor of my special guy. My grandpa who passed away this summer to lung cancer was always proud of me and I will always be a Stetson girl.

I hope you enjoy and stop by my store. Be sure to follow so you get any updates.

Happy Snow Week, ( or sunshine if your lucky)

Miss Stetson


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