Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Technology = Happiness

These last few weeks have gone by so quickly that I have almost forgotten to just breath. Tonight as I sit here and reflect back on what this school year will bring I am so pleased, overwhelmed, and yet satisfied with my new school year.

Once again I am the new girl in a new grade. I am happy I am not the new girl in a new school though. This has been fantastic, mainly because they know my weird antics in a way. I believe they are starting to see them little by little.  I am truly blessed to have a wonderful team I am working with this year. I say that because I quickly discovered with the upcoming 3rd graders that 3rd grade is much different.

Over the passed 3 weeks I decided to finally break down and purchase a new computer. I am now officially part of the Mac World! I would never purchase another laptop again. I am so happy with everything on here. I know I have so much more to learn. It has made downloading fonts, backgrounds, and clipart so much easier. Plus I get to watch football with my “soon to be husband” on the weekends.

I finally finished my addresses for my “Save the Dates”. April 18th is quickly approaching! I was so prepared at the beginning and hit the ground running. Than bam I hit a wall and stopped.  I wanted to get so much accomplished this summer for the wedding and well FAILED miserably at doing anything. This weekend my goal is to have the “Save the Dates” in the mail.

Two things I have discovered recently that have been amazing tools in helping me plan my day at school and plan my wedding have been.

Plan book was a great!  How many times have you written down plans and then had to rearrange, reprint, and rewrite what you did not get to that day. Plan Book was introduced to me this week by another teacher I work with, and I could not be more excited!  You can actually set your day and bump your lessons if you do not get to something. It will shift everything by one! This is great! I have been searching for a new lesson format for awhile. I could not find anything I was really satisfied with. This I AM! I am out this week for a dreaded dentist appointment and MAN OH MAN my sub plans were a breeze! Thanks Rebecca! You’re the greatest for showing me this! 12$ a year is it, but isn’t that what some of us spend on a paper one to scribble in and a little embarrassed if anyone saw it? Try the 30 free trial!

Okay! I am going back to making some addition and subtraction centers for the week on my quick computer I love!

 Miss Stetson


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