Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reflective Bins

   Last school year I found myself getting overwhelmed by grading my students work. If you are a teacher you understand the hassle of trying to balance lesson planning, assessments, and grading papers. Well, I admit I have not mastered the art of not having a stack of papers as tall as I am to grade. So this year I was looking for a solution to at least making it to the papers of the students who need my help. I saw on Pinterest different ideas about how to turn in work. So naturally I created one myself after seeing many examples. 

The purpose of the bin is to encourage the students to reflect on the activity. Many times there is a student who does not wish to raise his/her hand or finds themselves wanting to ask but nervous to ask. I am hoping by dividing the bins into 3 categories this may help ease some stress around peers. 

 I will use them for the students to turn in everyday activities. I have thought about having them underline there name in a marker in the coordinating color. Attached to the document from TPT is an example letter that I will send home to the parents explaining the coloring in the corner or the underlined name. I believe this will help the student to communicate with myself and the parents about the confidence level of academics. 

Please use the link below to view my TPT store. 

I look forward to trying this in my classroom. Please leave any comments below if you have used this style of turning in work and how it worked in your classroom. 

Thanks for reading. 
Miss Stetson


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