Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All About Miss Stetson

Hey Ya'll! Thanks for taking time to read a little more about me. This is my 3rd year teaching and I am always amazed by how much my students can accomplish in 1 year time.  I am so blessed to have found a career that I love and I would never do anything else.  I can honestly say I LOVE my job. 

I have a wonderful soon-to-be husband B that is so understanding to my shenanigans and late nights working on school stuff.  He never complains about the amount of crayons, markers, or craft supplies that liter every available nook and cranny I can find. He has been my support system during my student teaching and in my classroom. We have a Golden Retriever named Beau that brings us much laughter. He never seizes to amaze me how silly and smart he is. I always try to create little writing prompts about him with random pictures I take. The stories I get from my students are always creative and make me giggle. 

What do you think Beau is thinking about right now?
I love my coffee and seltzer. At all times you can find me carrying one or the other around. My students make fun of me on a daily basis about my seltzer since we will save the bottles for growing plants in for the spring. I can say I had enough saved for almost 2 bottles per student. =) 

I love love love ghost shows. It is my guilty pleasure during the summer time, vacations, and snow days. B makes fun of my for my shows, but when I find a ghost I will tell him "good thing I know what to do."

When I am not teaching or preparing for a new classroom adventure I am in my garden. I love to garden and can my own vegetables. I love sharing online how simple preserving food really is. I have taken this hobby up out of realizing how much food we waste because of spoiling.  Many of my family and friends love to tell me when the world comes to an end I will be prepared. I enjoy sharing these things with my class. In the spring we do a lot of activities centered around nature. 

Green beans from my garden

I must say God is always at work in my life. I always thank him for setting things into place. Many times in my life things seemed so out of place and I did not know why life happened the way it did. One huge example is I grew up in the south and lost my house to Katrina. I love I can share this experience with my students in New England because they see you can survive with a smile.  I have been blessed to discover TPT and the resource it provides in my classroom. I love getting ideas from others and learning how to use my computer to create projects for my students. It has been my goal to network, follow, and gain friendships in the teaching community to better teach my students. This is a new path I believe God has put in front of me and I am excited to see what it has in store for me. 

Once again, thank you for taking time to read a little more about me. 


Miss Stetson


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