Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why I use GoNoodle?

Let me begin by saying that I love GoNoodle. I send videos to my adult friends almost daily. Koo Koo Kangaroo is my all time favorite, but there is so much more to offer on this website.

Yesterday, the local newspaper was invited by my principal to come to my room to see how I incorporate “Brain Breaks” throughout my day. My kiddos wore their best outfits and were ready to be photographed. I started by showing them the videos that I use to review skills. My kids instantly voted for Montana Jones. This game reviews ELA skills while playing an interactive board game. They have physical challenges that they have to achieve before each question.  I was listening to my kids answering the questions the reporter was asking. My favorite response “It’s like we are not learning because it is so much fun, but we are learning a lot.” I was cheering silently.

After showing the academic piece of the GoNoodle Plus we went to the fun part. The lady was laughing pretty hard watching the “Get Loose” video along with “ Pop See Ko” because they were getting into it.  They will have “Pop See Ko” in their head now for weeks. I didn’t warn them of that.

While I was explaining to the interviewer how GoNoodle Works I realized why I do it. My kids enjoy it and have a chance to be a kid.  Some of the videos I literally shake my head to like “ Kitty High Five”, while my kids laugh hysterically every single time. For 3-4 minutes a day my kids are kids. They get to get up and move around. Even better is sometimes they do not even know they are learning.

My question is…. Do you use GoNoodle? The free section is ABSOLUTELY fabulous. I pay for my license out of pocket because I realized how much it was benefitting my classroom. I would try the 15 day trial and see how it works for you.

Dancing and Smiling,

Miss Stetson


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