Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Plan Book Tips & Tricks

This week I began thinking about how I can better use the Planbook website. I have been actively entering my lessons, attaching my files, and attaching the standards.  I began to think there has to be more ways I can use the product to help me manage the million notes that I have on my desk. I admit I sometimes get into kicks where I want to find ways to do things digitally rather than always searching for the pink piece of paper I knew I wrote on in green. Usually I find it somewhere on my desk,  in my desk, or under my desk ( I have a great custodian who never throws my notes away).

I started with Google, because where else do you start?  I searched Tips & Tricks for using PlanBook. I ran across a great site Purely Paperless that said she has a substitute tab to include information that the substitute may need to know about the lesson. This is great! I just make a fancy sub binder using The Teachable Teacher's Substitute Binder, but mine only contains my basic information for my classroom. This is a great way to include that information that I need a sub to know. Little tips and tricks.

I realized a few weeks ago that I write on sticky notes A LOT. I write kids intails and little markings to remind myself of behavior both negative & positive. What I admit I am not always great with is doing something with that information. So I made another tab on my PlanBook. I changed the font to super small and a really bright color that is almost impossible to read if someone is glancing at my computer. I have been keeping up with the notes for my students here. It has been great! I feel like I am seeing a better picture of what my students are doing and not trying to remember what I wrote on a note to myself.
You can probably see that it is not that easy to read when you glance at it. I can change the color super quickly to print when I go into the display. 
The last thing wanted to do was find a way to log parent communication. I often get notes, emails, or little messages from the office. I did not want to add a tab for this one. I made a new class and did not set any times. It dropped all the way to the bottom of my day so I can quickly see my notes.  I labeled it Parent Communication. It would be similar to writing a lesson plan in how I would write my notes.

I am super happy that I found a few ways to better use this digital lesson plan book. My goal is to attach the pictures of books & anchor charts  I use as a visual reminder of what I do during my day for lessons I like. I have been writing in the Notes section ideas about what I would change in that lesson or what worked really well.

How I have my tabs set. I do also have a TPT ideas because sometimes we just need little reminders and a place to write our ideas. They just come when they come. 

As teachers we have a ton of tabs opened not only on our computer, but also in our mind. We are a wealth of knowledge, but sometimes getting it where we need is can be more challenging that we like to admit.  I hope these tips help you save a few trees and help you save a little time searching for that bright pink sticky note.


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