Sunday, December 28, 2014

Miss Stetson's Goals

This year I plan on staying on top of things. I have been so consumed with switching grade levels, planning a wedding, and taking a class online that I have been neglecting many things. 

Personal-  I want to focus on getting into the habit of saving more and looking into options for when I retire. I believe by putting extra thought into this I can accomplish this by, setting alarms on my phone bi weekly to move money. I also considered for Christmas doing the 52 week challenge. We all know how much Christmas can add up. 

Professional- I am going to try extremely hard to have papers graded as they turn them in. I find myself stressed with large piles of ungraded papers. Before the holiday I grabbed an accordion file folder from my basement and began paper clipping assignments together. This sounds easy enough but it was just a huge pile of mixed papers. 
I am the queen of rushing to the copy machine at the last minute. So I want to try to copy ahead of time. I also want to put more awareness in double sided copies for the sake of the tree. 
I also want to communicate more frequently with other teachers. I would like to establish a greater social network in order to exchange ideas with teachers around the US. 
Finally, I have a ton of documents that I need to add credits to and add to TPT. Each weekend when I make things, I tell myself I will do this at some point. I am making one day a week dedicated to updated existing files, adding credits, and uploading to TPT. With this I will be more aware of comments to my free downloads & providing deserved feedback to all the teachers who work hard. 

Planning-  I discovered earlier this year. I want to better utilize such a great resource. I will add the files to the lesson more often and actually print it out.  I will print it out so I will not have to give a sub my password last minute because I forgot I was out =). 

Organization- After spending over 5 hours organizing my closet I vow to keep it clean. I also vow to put things away instead of shoving them into a corner. I have been successful for 2 weeks. 
I will also keep my car clean. I got myself a $2 trash can from Home Depot. I have been putting my trash in there instead of the floor. Once again, I have been successful for 2 weeks. 
Now, the dreaded to do list. I am trying to keep it in a cute little notebook in my purse. I have been ok with it, but not perfect. I forgot about it often. Same thing with my planner. I am trying to put more of an effort into adding and crossing out task on both books.  Forget digital todo list. I never look back and forget those as well. 

Students -  This year I want to help my students build there confidence in their academics. Many of my students seem to second guess themselves, therefore I want to find ways to give feedback that is going to help build their mindset. I am currently in a class for my district and reading many articles about growth mind set vs fixed mind set. I want to find ways to help students create a growth mindset. ( I know that it may not change, but I can help build confidence).  This will require some trial and error, but what doesn't?
I want to also encourage conversations. I know this may seem silly, but I used the word conversation in my classroom the other day and they had a dumbfounded look. They did not know what this word meant. I will look for some conversation pieces. I will use some technics that I have seen in my class for the students to listen and to have a turn to talk. Even as adults this may be difficult, but what a great life lesson for students. 

Motto -  " A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her" is my motto. I plan on being even more successful this year. It is my mission to do better this year than last.  Obviously I have not have physical bricks thrown at me, but being a young teacher that is  new to a grade level has it challenges. I am grateful for my team who have kept me from crumbling this year. My gratitude is always growing. 

This year I plan on trying to be successful. I will have many changes this year. I will probably change grades again. I will change my last name ( though the blog will remain the same in my grandpa's honor). I will be a first time aunt. So many new things to look forward to in 2015 and we are still a couple of days away. 

Thank you Mrs. D's Corner for the lovely graphic. If you would like to add the graphic to your page, please visit her page.

Once again, thank you for your support. 

Miss Stetson


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