Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween Week in Miss Stetson's Classroom

What a week!

The week of Halloween I thought it would be a fantastic idea to make pumpkin globes and have the students turn in their book reports. Can I say EXHAUSTING. =) The kids did such a great job on the book reports and well next year I will think of a better way to make pumpkins =). Lessons are always being learned even when you are the teacher.

In math we are learning about area and perimeter. Perimeter has been more of a review from a lesson we had in the beginning of the year. This lesson is focusing more on area. I have seen so many teachers use dry erase markers to write on desk, so I thought “WHY NOT?” Well my kiddos loved it!

I started by giving each student 12 square units. We reviewed arrays quickly. As I called the array the students quickly made the shape, each time telling me the area of the shape. I began to question the students about the perimeter of the shapes. They began to notice they did not have the same perimeter, even if the shape has the same area.

I asked the students to make their own polygon with an area of 12. They had to write the area and perimeter on their desk. I gave each student a sticky note. The students walked around and gave a check if it was correct and x if they disagreed with their classmate.

This took about 30 minutes and the lesson was taught. =)


Miss Stetson


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